SmitFraud Removal

Is your PC telling you that it’s infected and you are asked to install WinAntiVirus 2007.

Chances are, your PC is infected by SmitFraud, which intermittenly gives
you “fake alerts”.

How to remove this troublesome thing?

You will have to download these FIVE tools to cleanse your PC:

  1. SmitRem
  2. SmitFraudFix
  3. RogueRemover
  4. HijackThis
  5. CCleaner

For details on howto remove it, read more here


One Response

  1. Smitfraud is definelty bad stuff. The first time I came across this I had a ton of problems removing it. Now whenever I run into this I do a system restore first then run the free smitfraudfix tool and then run a full scan with Spyware Doctor. If you have Smitfraud I can gurantee you are infected with other threats as well and that is way you need to use other software besides just the smitfraud fix tool.

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