Is your PC infected with SmitFraud?

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What is Smitfraud?
Smitfraud is a Trojan / Spyware program that gains access to users’ computers. Once the people behind Smitfraud have access to your machine it can be used for all sorts of purposes such as spamming, or attacking web servers in order to overload and crash them.

How did I get infected withSmitfraud?
One common deception that Smitfraud uses is to offer a free video online, all you have to do is download and install their “codec” to watch the video. Once you install the codec your system is compromised and hackers now have access to your computer. Smitfraud may also be installed via a “drive-by” installation of the program. If the installation is of the “drive-by” variety, the user is completely unaware that the program has been installed.

Smitfraud has accessed my system, what can I expect?
Once Smitfraud is installed it begins to make contact with outside websites and will start to download additional malware onto your computer system. You will see fake alerts that appear to be from Microsoft telling you that your computer has a “critical system error” and that to fix it you need to download their bogus anti-spyware program. This alert will come from a flashing icon found down near the bottom right of your screen near the time and date. Some other symptoms that you may experience are:

your desktop background is changed and you cannot change it back
your internet home page is changed and you cannot change it back
you may not be able to open your task manager
your system files may become corrupted
your wininet.dll system file becomes infected and is hijacked by smitfraud
you become bombarded with fake popup alerts
your internet bill may be increased due to overages of internet usage, caused by smitfraud making additional connections with outside websites and sending your personal private information back to its home-base.

Source: YourTechOnline


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