Quickly Switch Network Settings With a Script File

Are you tired of using the normal way ( see below ) to change the IP, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS Server of your network connection? Techdo’s admin has just the script for you.

That procedure is unpleasant if repeated every day. To get this done easily You can use the batch files contained in this Zip archive.

If you get a warning from your anti virus software,just ignore it. Please use it at your own risk.


3 Responses

  1. Nice scipt, thanks. You can also try this tool – http://www.jitbit.com/netprofileswitch.aspx – to store and switch multiple network profiles

    Thanks Jason. I sure will do that.

  2. Nice. Does anyone know a way to deploy network settings regarding the authentication? what i need is to set the authentication to protected eap (PEAP) in the authentication tab of the Network Connection. This setting should be deployed to all clients, therefore I am looking for a way to do it via a script.



  3. hi!
    How can I find the network settings?I delite it and now
    it says me that i haven’t got java sctript!!!Plz help me
    i can’t see vids on youtube and play games

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