Hal.dll – missing or corrupted?

Unfortunately, quite a common problem for XP users!

According to the PC Guru, this is one of three steps that he suggested:

This method requires a Windows XP CD-ROM.
Insert the Windows XP CD and start the computer
Press R to repair Windows when prompted to do so.
Select the Windows installation that you want to repair.
Type the administrator password when prompted to do so.
At the command prompt type bootcfg /rebuild and press Enter.
When Add installation to boot list? is displayed, type Y.
When Enter Load Identifier: is displayed, type the name of the operating system, e.g. Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition.
When Enter OS Load options: is displayed, just press Enter, leaving the field blank.
Restart the computer and select the first item on the boot menu. Windows XP should now start normally.
Click Start, Run, type msconfig.exe and press Enter.
Select the Boot.ini tab.
Click Check All Boot Paths to remove the incorrect entry.

Update: A shorter version –

Here’s what to do:

  1. Insert and boot from your Windows XP CD.
  2. At the first R=Repair option, press the R key
  3. Press the number that corresponds to the correct location for the installation of Windows you want to repair.
  4. Typically this will be #1
  5. Type bootcfg /list to show the current entries in the BOOT.INI file
  6. Type bootcfg /rebuild to repair it
  7. Take out the CD ROM and type exit

>> Source: Compphix


6 Responses

  1. just a tip if anyone experienced this on their mac when they tried to install XP in parallels from their bootcamp partition

  2. @ mike – thanks a lot. I’m sure it will be helpful for mac users

  3. I Have Windows xp & when I turn on my computer a black window comes up telling me I have a currupted file ntoskrnl.exe. Please help on what to do to fix this. Thanks & Merry Christmas

  4. For ntoskrnl.exe please visit:
    It’s microsoft’s support (Method 3). However, it was good in my situation.

  5. @Matyt, Thanks for the tip.

  6. I did this and got up to restarting and choosing the first option but as soon as it got to the boot menu, the hal.dll error msg came up again. Several restarts later, I realized that by pressing 1 as soon as the boot menu appears, I can prevent the error msg from appearing. Then I get the options:
    Windows XP Professional
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    but whichever I choose I still get the same error msg. I tried pressing F8 for more options, but couldn’t figure out which would help (if any). I don’t know what to do next. Any help would be appreciated. Thx.

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