How to Install Windows on PCs with SATA HDD but no floppy?

Nowadays notebooks are equipped with a SATA interface hard drive that sometimes is not all recognized by Windows XP installer! And to add to your agony, the machine came sans floppy drive! Your XP installer doesn’t recognise the SATA HDD and the machine doesn’t have a floppy drive.

Well you can always use a USB Floppy Disk Drive. But what if you don’t have one?

Well, here are steps to try and overcome the problem.

1. Find a PC that has a floppy disk drive ( Need this to install the SATA HDD driver to floppy).

2. Download the appropriate SATA driver for your HDD.

3. Write image to floppy. Keep the floppy in the drive.

4. Download and install nLite.

5. Follow the steps in these images.

– Place your XP CD and let nLite copy it to a folder of your choice, e.g d:\i386

Click on Drivers and Bootable ISO and press Next.

Make sure your diskette containing the SATA HDD driver is in the drive. Click Insert and browser for the SATA driver in your floppy disk.

Click Yes to create the ISO image which you can burn later. You can use ImgBurn or Nero.

Now you’ll be able to install/reinstall XP on the PC ( desktop/notebook ).

Eko Wahyudiharto have shared his experience but for Acer TravelMate 6291 Notebook. You can see the steps he has taken here He has also placed a link for Acer 6291 SATA driver on his blog.

Good luck trying.


13 Responses

  1. Guys,

    very very very thanks!
    Help me a lot.

  2. Thanks from Russia!!!

  3. Thank a lot. But, where can I down load nLite?
    Preferably free 🙂

  4. Thanks a lot!! Russia doesn’t forget U!!!!!!!

  5. @ bobryana: Sorry I don’t know much about Russian except maybe ‘nyet!” Anyway I have had Google translate my blog for you, so please try this link:

  6. thank you so much ! this is very useful to know !
    ps. vista sucks !
    all the best from Canada !

  7. Ho is this installing Windows on an SATA drive without a floppy insatliing with out a floppy when you clarly state to put he drivers on a floppy?

  8. @ Dude: If you read carefully, i stated that you need to create an nLite CD which will be used to install XP on the machine WITHOUT the floppy drive.

  9. looks like usb drives are taking over from the floppys 🙂

  10. Thanks ever so much for this blog. You’ve saved me some money!

    Just a note: if you don’t have access to a floppy drive at all, you can download Virtual Floppy Drive (or something similar) and extract the drivers to it. That’s how I did it. Worked like a charm.

    Thanks again,
    Dewet (South Africa)

  11. This is the solution just put in your XP in the drive on a computer that have a working Xp operation system and run nlite. Just add the drivers yoy need and make a new XP by burning it to an new cd/dvd.

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