P2P: Use PeerGuardian 2!

If you’re into P2P [ who isn’t nowadays 😉 ], I guess you must be using PeerGuardian 2, right? If you don’t, you should install  and download it.

What does PG 2 do? Well according to Phoenix Labs, “PeerGuardian is an open source IP filter that is designed to block the IP addresses of certain organizations and corporations that may wish to harm a users privacy while using the Internet and peer-to-peer networks.”

Be forewarned that PG 2 will conflict with McAfee Personal Firewall & BlackIce Firewall. If you want to use PG 2 ( which you should!), you can try other firewalls such as Outpost or Sygate, two excellent firewalls, imho.

You can download PG 2 for Windows XP/2000/2003 here. If you’re still using Win9x you can download PG 2 here.

If you’re using Linux, you can download MoBlock which will do the same thing since PG 2 for Linux unfortunately is no available yet. Download MoBlock here.

Good luck.


3 Responses

  1. As someone who works for a company that develops the greatest private p2p app in the world ( http://www.gigatribe.com ), I gotta say that PeerGuardian has been nothing but headaches for us; it blocks people’s friends from contacting each others’ computers. I guess for some apps such as LimeWire, which is sharing with millions of strangers, it might be appropriate, but for an application such as our own, where you’re only sharing with people you know, it’s just an annoying obstacle.

  2. ive installed peerguardian. but when i try to open up the program it doesnt show up but it starts running in the background, and it dont show up in the icons on the bottom righthand corner aswell
    but when i check it in the processes in the Task Manager. it shows pg2.exe as running..

    please help.

  3. First…before starting PeerGuardian exit any P2P networks. Then launch PG. If you don’t see any activity or press ALT + CTRL+ DEL and see it running just end the process and try again. I mean it’s free so sometimes whatever is free is worth the extra strokes *wink* to avoid the long term headache. I’ve received a few letters from my internet provider until I met PeerGuardian. What a gentleman he has been. Treating me to all these great things and not asking for a dime. i’m gonna eventually marry him. Seriouslt though. Eventually the program will run. I suggest when your not using it to right click and disable it. Don’t close it and when you need a date enable him.

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