What’s your BIOS version?

How to tell which BIOS your PC have? And what version?

Normally you can tell this by looking carefully during the bootup process of your PC. If it’s too fast for you, gHacks tells you how to find out by using a software readily available in Windows.

According to gHacks you can use msinfo32, and type it in the command prompt. I tried doing that on my PC but it’s not recognized as proper command. So, instead I ran the command in the Run box and viola, look what appears…..

6 Responses

  1. To say this is a gem is understatment! Thanks!

  2. Awesome! Thank you

  3. Thank you. Now time to update.

  4. Simple. Thanks!

  5. it depends the status of the server man

  6. I’m so pleased I stumbled upon this solution. It is exactly what I need — and so simple. Thank you!

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