5 tools which are better than Windows Update!

The Techie Dino have list down 5 tools to update Windows including the recently “killed” Autopatcher!

Windows Update sucks and we all know that and thanks to those developers who’ve taken time but finally realized that this section also needs quite some attention. Thankfully there are 5 tools which help us in updating not only windows but various other important applications as well!

Here is the list of the applications, some update other softwares too but some are just stuck with Windows but none the less are better than Windows Update :

1. The Software Patch : This site lists the most critical updates for Microsoft Windows XP and above. It also lists the updates of hardware drivers and various office applications.

Microsoft Windows XP and above. It also lists the updates of hardware drivers and various office applications.

2. AutoPatcher : Although, AutoPatcher is history but this great program deserves each and every mention. You can still find AutoPatcher from other sources but it won’t be updated any more. Although, Antonis has promised that he’ll be launching a comparable utility soon, but until it’s released we can’t really say much.

3. WindizUpdate : This is one of my favorite windows update utility. I covered it back when I launched ReviewSaurus but I guess it still needs more attention and love from our side. It’s a FireFox extension and must have for those who don’t like to use Microsoft Windows.

4. Windows Update Downloader : Windows update downloader is one tool which you can use to download the updates and then with the help of nLite you can integrate those updates in the windows Xp installation cd, so that you get the updated windows next time when you decide to reinstall the whole windows. It gives the option of auto updates and various other options, overall much better than the default windows.

5. Secunia’s PSI : Well, If anyone wants to run Windows computer and wants to be safe from the security issues then this is the must have software! It scans your computer and tells you the software which needs attention. It won’t update the software but will tell you from where you can download the software. Must have software for each and every windows user!


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