Cannot change desktop wallpaper

You are unable to set your desktop wallpaper to a picture. You can access the Desktop settings in Display Properties, but the Background list is disabled. If you right-click a picture and select Set as Desktop Background, nothing happens.

This problem often occurs after a virus or spyware maliciously changes Windows security settings.

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  2. To who it man concern;

    The reason of this bried message is because I’m having an issue with my windows vista “Desktop Background”. Since the last time that I shut down my computer my desktop backround image that I used to had is not there anymore. I had already done the necessary steps, but is still not working. I’m writing to you because it only allows me to put solid colors as my desktop backround and is really anoying to be looking at those colors. I will appreciate the help that you might give me. Once again thanks for your cooperation and I hope that you help me solve this issue.

    Adolfo Soto

  3. Hi:
    Every time I restore the desktop and screen saver option after running the restore all display tabs program and I turn off my computer, I get the same results meaning I lose my screen saver and desktop background image. It seems that there is a file deleting the desktop screen saver and background. Any suggestions? Many thanks. Ramzi

    @Ramzi: Dear Akhi…. Firstly Eid Mubarak. As for your problem you can try and look for the answer at Helpmerik Please read the method shown carefully because it involves changing your Windows registry key. If you have never edited your registry, find someone who can help you. Good luck.

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