Upgrading to Leopard

So you have erased your harddrive and installed Leopard on your Mac? Some must haves (?) softwares suggested on LifeHacker

  • Adium (download) (more info) Multi-protocol chat client when even iChat’s improvements aren’t enough
  • Caffeine (download) (more info)
    One-click sleep from the menubar, good for presentations and media servers
  • DiskInventoryX (download) (more info)
    See what files are taking up the most space on your Mac
  • Firefox (download)
    When Safari just doesn’t cut it
  • GeekTool (download) (more info)
    Desktop text/image overlay
  • Google Earth (download)
    Mapping tools with a built-in flight simulator
  • Growl (download) (more info)
    Universal system notifier
  • Hazel (download) (more info)
    Not free: $22 license, free 14-day trial available
    Clean up your Stacks with automatic rules-based file and folder actions
  • InstantShot! (download) (more info)
    Screen capture utility with more features than Grab
  • iSquint (download) (more info)
    Convert video files to iPod-friendly format
  • KeePassX (download) (more info)
    Secure password database. NOTE: KeePassX version 1.5 is not Leopard-compatible by default. Here’s how to get KeePassX running on Leopard.
  • MagiCal (download) (more info)
    Menubar monthly calendar dropdown
  • Mozy (download) (more info)
    Online backup utility, 2GB space for free
  • Quicksilver (download) (more info)
    Application launcher and keyboard interface to your Mac. (Note: Qucksilver’s main hosting site is unavailable at the moment, which means plugins are also unavailable. Use this mirror to get the initial install image.)
  • TextExpander (download) (more info)
    Not free: $30/license, free trial available
    Global text substitution utility expands user-defined text snippets to phrases and form letters
  • TextWrangler (download) (more info)
    Full-featured text editor that beats the pants off of TextEdit
  • Thunderbird (download) ( more info)
    Ok, so it’s debatable whether Thunderbird is better that OS X’s built-in Mail, but I tend to think so—if only for its extensibility. Here’s a free skin for T-bird if you want to give it that Apple Mail look.
  • Transmit (download) (more info)
    Not free: $30/license, free trial available
    The best FTP client you’ll find on any platform
  • The Unarchiver (download) (more info)
    When StuffIt Expander doesn’t know what that .TAR file is, the Unarchiver will.
  • VLC media player (download) (more info)
    The Swiss Army knife of media players, VLC will play all the movie files QuickTime chokes on. It can rip DVDs, too.

2 Responses

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  2. The best FTP client on any platform, hands down, is Yummy FTP. It doesn’t get a lot of recognition, but it has blown away any other that I’ve tested.

    Transmit was sub-par coming from Panic, who usually makes absolutely beautiful software.

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