Yahoo Messenger 9 Beta

New Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta

October 29, 2007 on 9:12 pm | In News |

Introducing Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta, the next version of our popular IM software for Windows. This new version has a whole new look and feel, along with some great new features that make it well worth the upgrade. Here’s a quick look at what’s new in Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta:

– A whole new look for your contact list. Keep it in detail view to see larger Avatar images for your friends, or switch to compact list view (in the Contacts menu). Plus, you can just hover and click to IM, SMS or call a friend.

– Brand new skins and emoticons! Click the dot near the top of your Messenger window to choose a skin, and check the emoticon menu for the new ones that were inspired by user entries in our Emoticontest earlier this year (more on our winners in a future post).

– New Flickr integration in the photo sharing feature. Easily share photos from your account, or save photos shared with you directly to Flickr.

– A new in-line media player that makes it easy to view maps, photos and videos from sites like Yahoo! Video and YouTube right in the IM window. No plug-ins needed, no extra downloads — it’s built right in. Just send a video, map or photo link to another friend who’s also on 9.0 to try it out.

Download here


23 Responses

  1. When friends send me pics through photoshare they come in all pixilated. What do we need to do so we can view the pics?

  2. I use a 128kb/sec DSL modem , and windows XP (sp2) and IE7.
    I encounter this error message each time I want to sign in: “System is busy , try a bit later” .
    I Installed Y!messenger 9 beta last week , I faced this problem . That time I unistalled Y!m9 and switched back to 8.1 and it worked properly.
    Today I installed Y!M 9 again and … the same error message appears each time I want to sign in.
    But when I use my Dial-up (56k) modem connection , I can sign in easily to the new Y!M 9 (beta) .
    I contacted my Internet support group but they didn’t know the solution either.
    I would be really appreciated if you could help me find the reason for this problem and help me solve that. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE answer! xoxox

  3. Reply to Placebo:

    According to one user on Yahoo! Answers you should uninstall all YM you have on your computer, 8.1 AND 9 beta. After that reinstall Yahoo Messenger 9 beta again. According to the guy who provided this solution, it should work.

  4. i downloaded yahoo messenger but i cant sign in after installing i jus sign in n d window disappears

  5. 8.1 and 9 beta has photo sharing problems with the pixels

  6. Whenever I’m invited to a conference in Yahoo! Messenger 9 beta, I can enter, but my name shows up twice whenever I send a message. And when I check my archives, there are numbers and symbols next to the names, instead of just the names and all of the messages. I uninstalled Messenger 9 beta and went back to 8.1. When I tried to use Messenger 9 beta, I had the same problem again. So, I uninstalled it again, and now use 8.1. Is there any way to solve these problems?


  8. I am running Windows Vista Home premium. I completed the download for Yahoo Messenger 9 beta
    and when i try to sign in i get the following message, :”Yahoo.Messenger.YmApp has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” Any solutions to this problem out there or am i just another victim of the random Vista nightmare?

    @acidiumsix: Please look at the answer relating to your problem at Yahoo!Answer. Good luck

  9. I installed version 9 and when i enter user id and password messenger disappears and same case with version 8 also.Can anyone help me on this

    Thanks in advance

    @usha: Please try and manually delete your Yahoo folder after you have uninstalled it. If you are not sure where your Yahoo folder is, please ask someone who is more knowledgeable. When you have removed Yahoo folder manually, try and reinstall YM9 again. Hope it works for you. Good luck

  10. I installed version 9.0 in a vista OS. Problem is I cannot make a PC to PC call.

    Can anyone help me please

    Thanks for your help in advance


  11. I just upgraded to YM 9.0 and now when I send messages to other users, they get two YMs from me. I was trying to determine if the issue is when the receiver hasn’t upgraded and has an older version than 9.0, but I was not able to find anyone who has upgraded to 9.0, other than myself. I read in this blog that another individual is experiencing the same issue (michaeljackson2008). Anyone have a resolution?

  12. I uninstalled all of my yahoo products and have re-installed Yahoo 9 twice. For some reason Yahoo 9 is not installing a folder, and when I try to view a profile I get an error message this program does not have a file associated with it, go to control panel and folder options and create an association.
    I have tried this several times with no luck.
    Has anyone else had this problem and if so how do you fix it?


  13. I have Windows XP and I have tried to get messenger 9.0 and it gets part way thru download and it says file has been cancelled or interupted. Please help me i have no idea what the problem is

  14. hi there..i install the yahoo messanger 9.0 then after i sign up the script appear, anyone can help us how to avoid this sCript..


  15. Yahoo messenger does not start.
    It is neither uninstalling . what do i do??

    @Mayank – you can try reinstalling it. If that doesn’t work, you have to do some registry editing.

  16. hi, i cant install yahoo messenger 9. it was always stuck to 99%. help anyone

  17. Does yahoo messenger 9 work on windows 98?

  18. i have a problem with the new version. i can’t see what i am sending, and i can’t read the messages that my contacts send me. why is this so? i know that i have a message cause people actually tell me that they sent a message and my computer detects it. i mean, i hear the default sound for incoming messages. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. but still. what can i do about this? thank you

    • @Starbuckfan : One reader in a forum suggested as follows:
      1. Uninstall YM
      2. Run CCleaner to remove leftover registry entries
      3. Delete the Yahoo folder in Program Files
      4. Go to Application Data folder and delete any Yahoo folder. You may have to do these on all user account folders (for XP: Documents and Settings > User / All Users > Show hidden files and folders to reveal the App Data folder)
      5. Restart PC
      6. Try to reinstall YM using offline installer: <click here for link>

      Hope it works out for you.

  19. Why it doesnt work?

    ALT+3 or any number does work on YM 9 beta but on YM 9 final release doesnt work? it display square??? pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Да,aleks,побороть лень, действительно иногда очень сложно..

  21. yeah its great and all but im having problems with text not showing up in the text boxes what is wrong with it

    • Hi has anyone come up with a solution for this? I cannot read any messages sent to me or that I send for that matter in yahoo.

      I assume it has something to do with flash but all my settings are allowing it ( as far as I know). Pleassssssssssssse help this is driving me bonkers, I use yahoo a lot ( well I used to and now it’s useless)

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