Downloading YouTube flv?

TechCrunch have the solution for you.

To download a video to your computer, enter the YouTube URL for the video in the box above . It will be downloaded in flv format – use VLC or another compatible player to view it.

>> Go to TechCrunch

Another method is this. Add kiss to the YouTube url. For example, the url is, so you just add kiss before youtube and it becomes! Unfortunately the Online download is down until further notice.

Update: Another one for you. You can try download youtube videos using KeepVid


Download videos DIRECT from most video sites 

Go to KeepVid and drag the button to your links toolbar


2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I’m currently testing an open source software named Miro, previously called Democracy Player.

    It allows researches & of course also downloads from:
    – YouTube
    – DailyMotion
    – Google video
    – & a few more I don’t even heard about before.


  2. […] see my previous post too. Hopefully these methods will be […]

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