How to install and boot 145 operating systems in a PC

by saikee

It can be done, that’s all as saikee has shown. Whether you are really going to use all 145 OS, well…….

The 145 systems are:-

3 Dos
5 Windows
137 Linux

Hardware used

The PC is a self-assembled unit using the cheap components available. Nothing to write home about. Just average for an ordinary PC user say 5 years behind the latest technology as this is all I can afford.

Motherboard : Asrock 939NF4G-SATA2
CPU : AMD 939 64 +3200
Ram :1025Mb
Video : Onboard integrated NV44 graphics DX9.0 VGA
Hard disk 2x300Gb Maxtor 133/Mb/s Pata Diamond Max 10
2x200Gb 150Mb/s Sata-I Maxtor Diamond Maxline III
Sound card : SoundBlaster 5.1
Network card : Generic Realtek 8139 10/100 Entrnet
Keyboard : Generic PS/2 keyboard
Mouse : Generic PS/2 mouse

Essential tools

(1) A bootable Grub floppy or a bootable Grub CD.

(2) A Linux Live CD. Ideally one that has Grub inside.

(3) A Dos 6 or above bootable floppy with fdisk.exe inside

(4) A Win2k or XP installation CD

>> If you think it’s worthwhile, read in on JustLinux forum

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