Technician’s Kit – Computer Repair Utility Kit

The Computer Repair Utility Kit is a combination of all of Technibbles Repair Tools of the Week up to date in one easy pack. The Computer Repair Utility Kit allows you to run all of the repair tools from your portable drive (eg. USB Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, IPod etc.) and comes with an easy to use, right-click menu. A must in any technicians kit.

The Computer Repair Utility Kit Comes with the following applications:

  • Dial-a-fix – Fixes many common issues with Internet Explorer and Windows itself
  • Autoruns – Shows everything that is set to autorun on a system
  • Process Explorer – Shows current running processes in great detail
  • Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder – Finds the CDKey/Serial for commonly known software (XP, Office etc..)
  • RawCopy – Copy’s contents of one drive to another. Useful when there are corruptions
  • Tweak UI – Tweak Windows XPs settings
  • SoftPerfect Network Scanner – Network Scanner
  • Unlocker – Unlocks files that are locked (eg. files that cannot be moved, deleted, copied etc.)
  • Unstoppable Copier – Copy’s files from one location to another, if it hits a locked/corrupt file it will keep on going
  • Pocket Killbox – Kill and delete files which are locked. Has a “delete on reboot” option. Useful for removing viruses and malware
  • CalmWin Portable Antivirus – A very good, portable antivirus
  • Norton Removal Tool – Removes Norton products
  • NetStumbler – Searches for Wireless networks with some advanced options
  • Double Driver – Backs up your drivers. Handy to use before a format
  • CPU-Z – Provides information about your hardware such as CPU speed and voltages
  • WirelessKeyView – Shows the current wireless network passwords on the system in plain text
  • TreeSize Free – Shows you how much space each folder on a system is taking up
  • DriveImage XML – Hard drive imaging program
  • PC-Decrapifier – Removes the junk files that mainstream computer manufacturers install on new computers
  • Belarc Advisor – Creates a detailed report on a system
  • Restoration – Recover accidentally deleted files
  • Ethereal – Network packet analyzer
  • VistaTweaker – Tweaks Windows Vistas settings
  • JkDefrag GUI – An advanced defragging tool
  • Unknown Device Identifier – Identifies entries in Device Manager that come up as “Unknown Device”
  • GSpot – Provides information about a file such as what codec it was encoded in. Handy for when you cant play a video or audio file because you don’t have the right codec
  • Revo Uninstaller – A powerful uninstaller tool
  • Runscanner – Malware scanner and removal tool
  • PageDefrag – Allows you to defragment the Windows Pagefile (which is typically locked)
  • DBXtract – Extracts single emails out of Outlook Expresses .dbx databases
  • Hijack This – Malware scanner and removal tool
  • ATF Cleaner – Cleans out Windows temp files and browser temp files (IE, Firefox and Opera)
  • LSP Fix – Winsock repair utility. Useful for when malware damage is preventing a computer from going online
  • AppSnap – Downloads, installs and updates freeware software
  • MozBackup – Backs up Firefox and Thunderbird settings and files
  • System Information – Displays very details information about the system

>> Download the file from TechNibble. It’s a 44MB zipped file.

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