Recover deleted files

When we delete files from the system they will disappear from the system, but they are still there in the hard drive. This tool recovers files deleted with shift+delete or recycle bin cleared files. Pandora recovery can recover music, images, documents etc regardless of the file type.Pandora recovery tool rcognizes NTFS file system for recovery of the deleted files. This tool scans the computer and makes a searchable index of the files on the hard disk. With the built in search functionality one can search for files with full or partial names, file types, file sizes or with creation or last accessed dates.

When you delete a file on from the system, its content is not erased from disk but only reference to file data in File Allocation Table or Master File Table is marked as deleted.

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You can download Pandora Recovery here There’s another tool that you may use. It’s called Restoration. It does the same task as Pandora Recovery where you can still undelete files you have emptied from the Recycle Bin!

Good luck restoring those files you accidentally deleted.

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