Quickly abort a shutdown command on Windows XP/2003

This is an old trick but I think it will still be helpful.

According to Daniel Petri, ”  Some worms, such as the Blaster worm, use known bugs in Microsoft Operating Systems to force the computer to shut down itself. “

Besides following the above guidelines you might also want to create a nice shortcut for a command that will allow to to quickly abort any un-wanted shutdown command you might get.

In order to create the “Anti-Shutdown” shortcut follow these steps


One Response

  1. Hi,

    We are using windows XP with SP2 we have some question what is the command for force shutdown bcz i want create bat file shut down schedule for ofter 7 pm like we are working with some of the applications with out save force fully i want shut down

    I am waiting for your earlyest reply



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