Internet access restricted?

By brad linder

Ever find yourself sitting in front of a computer that’s been locked down by an overzealous IT administrator who won’t let you install any software or even open Internet Explorer or Firefox? If that PC is running Windows XP, there’s a good chance you can still  sites that you fancy!

This tip is from DownloadSquad Since they didn’t provide any pictures, so here you go:

  1. Run calculator
  2. Click Help-Help Topics-Click any help topic. Right click on the title bar, choose Jump to URL….

The guys at Download Squad says, “Basically what you’re looking at is Internet Explorer 6 inside a help window, but this version of the program isn’t quite as smart as IE6. It won’t automatically add the http:// for you. And of course, there’s no bookmarking feature.”

>> Read the whole article at DownloadSquad


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