Secure Your PC

According to Lordpegasus more than 80% of computers are infected by spywares and every 1 out of 5 PCs are infected by virus.

According to an online survey,

  • 77% think they are safe from online threats!
  • 67% does not have an anti virus software installed!
  • 49% of broadband users does not have firewalls!
  • 88% are not aware that they have been infected by spywares!

So what you need to do is,

  1. Install anti virus software AND scan regularly.
  2. Install a firewall.
  3. Download security updates and patches.
  4. Be careful when sharing files or folders over the network.
  5. Use hard to guess ( but easy for YOU to remember ) passwords!
  6. Be wary of e-mail attachments.
  7. Backup your datas.

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  1. You are a gem of a person………..& a storehouse of information

  2. great website.great informations

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