Change XP User Password

This tip is by admin from Techdo. To change the user password, here’s what you have to do.

  1.  Firstly, you need to view all the existing users on the machine. To do that,  click on Start > Run > and type in CMD. In the command prompt window, type net users and it will list down all user accounts on the PC, hidden or otherwise 😉
  2. To change the user password, bring up the command prompt window again, and type net user Johnny  * .  According to admin from Techdo, if the user account has a space between the name, for example John Doe, you need to put the name in quotes, like this net user “John Doe”  *
  3. After you type the command above, the PC should ask you for a new password. Type the new password and press Enter. You will need to press Enter again to confirm the password you have entered. That should do the trick.

Read more on TechDo


One Response

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