Why Windows won’t boot

Windows won’t boot but instead hangs at the splash screen? I’m sure many users have came across this problem in their computing life. What actually happens?

A few tips from Tim Scheiman as a checklist for you to troubleshoot the actual problem.  As Tim said on his site, ” we’re dealing with electronic components, they DON’t need excuses to stop working!” 😉

So, here the checklist:

  • If you can boot into Safe Mode, you MAY have a hardware conflict or a bad mainboard. Before you begin to take out any hardwares, try removing any conflicting hardwares you can find in Device Manager. Remove it and try to boot normally.
  • If the above step doesn’t solve your problem, try taking out one hardware at a time ( except the mouse & keyboard – since taking these two out will make it difficult for you to use Windows! )
  • If you can’t even boot into Safe Mode, then most probably your Windows system files maybe corrupted.

Read more about this by Tim Scheiman on Associated Content.

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