Common tech myths

By Kailas Shastry

ComputerWorld have a collection of popular misconceptions concerning computer tech. Sometimes even a techie couldn’t tell the difference between what is fact and what is not!

  1. A higher wattage SMPS always draws more power
  2. Owning an all-in-one is like having a DTP center at home
  3. A 64-bit OS will make computing twice as fast as a 32-bit one
  4. You always need to ‘stop’ a USB device before unplugging it
  5. Switching off power without shutting down damages the PC
  6. Repeated on-off cycles reduce the useful life of the PC
  7. Formatting and partitioning hard disk causes physical wear and tear
  8. Deleting files from recycle bin ensures permanent deletion
  9. The size of the page file must be set to twice the amount of RAM
  10. Magnets can destroy data on storage devices
  11. CD / DVD Media can last forever

Read the details for the above and all remaining tech myths on ComputerWorld Australia


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