Reasons to use Linux

  • Linux helps you get rid of viruses, worms, and other computer infections.
  • Linux is fast and will stay fast
  • Linux is easier to use than Windows. Using the Terminal is not necessary in most cases.
  • Linux is free . Cost does NOT define the value of Free Software!

Thousands of Windows-only applications (even Photoshop CS3) and games work with Linux through WINE just as fast. You can also find good alternative open source software.

  • Linux looks better than Windows Vista or Mac OS X

You can make Linux look exactly like any OS in under 15 minutes.

  • Linux is fun
  • You can help improve Linux
  • Linux makes you give your computer a name

It’s possible on every OS, basically, but Linux demands you do it! Sheer coolness.

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2 Responses

  1. So true. Ten year user of linux here. The customizability and power alone help linux stand aside.

  2. year ago, Linux was a toy for tech-head, nowdays, in particular with Ubuntn, linux is about everyone’s toy if you want to use it. Everything you do at windozs, can be done at linux too.

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