Steps to speed up your slow PC

  • Scan your harddisk! Your computer will become extremely slow to boot up if your harddisk have bad sectors.
  • Update your anti virus pattern & scan your PC! Slow PCs are also due to infection by viruses.
  • Update your anti malware and scan for malicious wares in your machine.
  • Defrag your harddisk! It’s really a surprise in my line of work to discover that very FEW people ever bothered to defrag their harddrive! If you think you can’t live with the build in defragmenter in Windows, you can always download alternative defragmentation softwares.
  • Remove all the ‘garbages’ on your machines….all the *.tmps, *.old and etc. Use freewares such as CCleaner or/and Glary Utilities.
  • If you have less RAM, maybe it’s time to upgrade it. To my customers who use Windows XP, i always suggest at least 512MB of RAMs. The more the better. Vista? I’d recommend not less than 2 Gb.



6 Responses

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