Protect your PC from infected USB drives

( Almost ) Everyone uses a USB drive nowadays! Most viruses that infect thumb drives normally will create an autorun file that is configured to run the malicious program once the thumb drive is connected to the PC. Therefore to prevent viruses on infected thumb drive from spreading to PC, it is important to prevent the execution of the autorun file.

Two softwares do just that.

  • USB Firewall – this software run silently in the background and inform you if an intrusion attempt is detected! The only problem is since this software is not an anti virus, it couldn’t detect between legitimate program and malicious ones. So, if you have installed, for example USB Menu launcher such as Remora USB Quick Launch, USB Firewall will stop it too from executing!usb-firewall1
  • Download USB Firewall here.
  • Another software that does the same task is iKill. Download the software here.


Read further here


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