Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

Here’s a 10 pointer tip to help you prolong your laptop battery life :

  1. Reduce Screen Brightness
  2. Disable Desktop Background Slideshows
  3. Turn off unnecessary radio signals. If you are using the laptop and you don’t need to be online, turn off your WiFi. If you are not syncing, turn off Bluetooth too.
  4. Work on one application at a time
  5. Disable background programs. See the lists of background programs that you can safely disable here
  6. Disable Outlook’s auto send/receive
  7. Defrag your harddisk
  8. Remove disk media from drives
  9. Hibernate dont sleep, since hibernate saves your laptop’s current state onto the hard disk and turns off the computer.
  10. Take care of your laptop battery.

Source : Laptop Logic


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