Turn Your Windows into Windows 8

If you wish to change your Windows to look like WIndows 8, there are a few apps you could try….

As an example, below is my desktop :

To change you WIndows to look like Windows 8, you could try the apps below:

  1. Zetro UI – not compatible with Windows 7 SP1! To install it, you need to patch a few of your system files and then place the Zetro Folder and Zetro theme into C:\Windows\Resources\Theme! Then you can change your theme in the Control Panel!
  2. Windows Metro IM – the method to use this app is the same as that of Zetro UI. You can read about the installation method in the Readme.txt!
  3. Mosaic – Nothing to install. Unzip the file and run Mosaic.exe
  4. Win8Menu – There is no configuration options in this app. What you install is what you get!

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