Old USB drives as laptop alarm!

If you still have an old USB drive which you kept unused since the capacity is too small for today’s usage, then there’s something useful to use it for….

Why not turn you old unused USB drive into a laptop alarm to prevent it from being stolen?


By using LAlarm, a small 900kb+ software, which you can install onto you unused & neglected old USB drive! 

You need to fasten a neck strap to the USB drive though, plug in in your laptop and fasten the other end of the strap to the table.

Then lock you Windows by pressing the Windows logo key+L key.

The idea is that if someone tried to take your laptop, he/she will disconnect your USB drive thus emiiting a loud siren!

The software can also be set to wipe out the folder you preset to prevent identity or data theft! 

Source: New Bits on the Blog


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