Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan 6


Try OpenOffice


Most users are reluctant to try something new due to different reasons. It could either be ease of use or the fact that less people are using the same application as compared with another commercial application.

Then there’s the notion that something which is given FREE is not as good as it”s commercial counterpart!

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Samsung Smart Window…..cool!

Choosing the right PSU for your computer

If your computer frequently hangs, reboot, fail to restart, most probably the culprit is you under performing PSU ( Power Supply Unit )

Choosing the right power supply for you system would be crucial!

How to determine which PSU to choose?

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Every 60 seconds….

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Companies behind SOPA

Among the companies behind SOPA includes:

AFTRA – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
AFM – American Federation of Musicians
AAP – Association of American Publishers
BMG Chrysalis
CBS Corporation

For the complete list, please go to this site.

SPM 2011 Trial Papers

SPM written exam will commence on the 14th of this month. Students who wish to try out trial exam papers can download it from Norfanil’s site.

Good luck.