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Error updating Firefox 3.0.10 to 3.0.11

If you are getting failed update attempts, the solution is to download Firefox 3.0.11 and install it.

Do not Check for updates!


Firefox addressbar search hijacked by Microsoft Bing

Previously, whenever I type something in Firefox addressbar and press enter, the search engine used is Google. Nowadays whenever I type something in the Firefox addressbar and pressed enter, the search engine used have changed to Microsoft’s Bing! I never recalled changing it so I did a search and found the following solution….

  1. Type about:config in Firefox’s address bar.
  2. In the Filter box, type keyword.
  3. You should find a few keyword entries. Make sure that keyword.enabled is set to true.
  4. Look for keyword.url and right click on it to modify. Copy this string value and enter it in the box.

Restart Firefox.

Source: Mozilla Support

4 Top Reasons to use Internet Explorer!



Firefox 3

The long awaited browser update has been released officially yesterday. According to Ryan Paul of Arstechnica, ” Firefox has now exceeded 1 million downloads, with between 5,000 and 14,000 downloads per minute…” Arstechnica

Yours truly is using it now to write this blog post.

Download it now, people.

As of this very minute, the download per minute have exceeded 13 millions.

Update: Wordwide update as of July 2, 2008 – 28,340,281

See here for the latest stats………..FF3 download counter

500 million downloads

Firefox 3 Beta 2 glitch?

Is anyone experiencing the same problem that I am having on this first day of 2008? Ran my favorite browser this morning ( Firefox 3 Beta 2 ) and I was having problems accessing sites that requires user id and passwords ( WordPress, Emails, etc ).

There wasn’t any problem when I try to access the said sites using Firefox Portable!

Please update me about this problem through your comments. Thank you.

You can download Firefox Portable here

Update: I would like to rectify the post I made above. It seems the problems occurs only on my office PC. I tried using Firefox to login to WordPress on my home PC and it works fine.