Try OpenOffice


Most users are reluctant to try something new due to different reasons. It could either be ease of use or the fact that less people are using the same application as compared with another commercial application.

Then there’s the notion that something which is given FREE is not as good as it”s commercial counterpart!

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Get the latest LibreOffice now

LibreOffice 4.0


Get it here how!

Free RAM Optimizer

When it comes to improving computer overall performance, RAM is always one of the most efficient ways you should consider to improve, i.e. throw in a few more GB of RAM. And often time, the result is obvious and immediate. However, it’s not feasible that you can always increase the number of GB that easily, such as what about you don’t have empty slot left on the motherboard….

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Download Adobe Creative Suite 2 for free


Get your Adobe Creative Suite 2 for free now! Even though it’s an older version of the popular suite from Adobe, you can still use it! 😀

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Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser is a free portable virus scanner that claims to scan and eliminates deeply embedded malwares, bugs which traditional anti virus couldn’t detect.

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Free PC Handbook

Grab PC Maintenance Handbook – 2nd Edition for free folks!

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System Protect

I have been this freeware for some time now and it’s doing a marvelous job of protecting my system files from accidental deletion or being changed by viruses.

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