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Your Windows 7 too sluggish?

As many users know, Windows uses RAM to store every program, services or libraries ran.

If you have not more than 2GB of RAM, you may notice that your computer tends to be so slow most of the time.

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Hard drive prices soar due to Thai floods?

Thailand, as most of us may not know, is the 2nd largest exporter of hard drives in the world.

According to Reuters, due to the floods in Thailand, hard drive prices have increased by as much as 40 percent!

Western Digital which have a factory is Thailand have close it down. Seagate, which also have a factory there is still operational have warn that they may face shortage of parts!


Prevent Writing to USB drive

A simply edit of the registry will disable writing to USB drives!

So if you have files that are for your eyes only and do not wish for others to copy it, you can try the following method.

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Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

Here’s a 10 pointer tip to help you prolong your laptop battery life :

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XP BSoD Stop Codes & Solution

The dreaded Blue Screen of Death! I’m sure most ( if not all ) XP users have experienced it while using XP.

BSoD indicates that Windows XP has encountered an error it couldn’t recover from! BSoD is basically a text mode error reporting message.

If you want to know the details about most of BSoD Stop Codes and the solution to resolve it, please read about it on GeeksToGo forum.

Device Doctor

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