20 years of Linux

Wow! It’s been 20 years guys! A whole lot have changed…with all the different flavors of distros to choose from.            😀

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Sabily……based on Ubuntu

It’s a Linux OS customised from Ubuntu, filled with Islamic themes and softwares.

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iTunes alternative

If you have used iTunes before and find it occupying too much space on your PC, maybe you should have a look at Clementine.

Based on the popular Linux only music player Amarok, the developers have made it multi platform.

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Myths about using Linux

Myth 1:   Linux is too difficult for ordinary people to use.
Myth 2:   Linux is insecure.
Myth 3:   It is not worth learning Linux because most companies use Windows.
Myth 4:   Businesses can’t make money from Linux because it is free.
Myth 5:   Linux is a type of software piracy because it was copied from other operating systems.
Myth 6:   Free software is a kind of socialism and it destroys intellectual property.
Myth 7:   Linux has few application programs.
Myth 8:   Linux has poor support because there is no single company behind it.
Myth 9:   Linux is obsolete.
Myth 10:   Linux cannot survive because it is too fragmented.
Myth 11:   Linux cannot compete in quality.
Myth 12:   Linux has a higher TCO than Microsoft Windows.

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FREE Video Editor’s for Ubuntu



Download link  Avidemux





Download link  CineLerra



Download link  Kine



Download link  Jahshaka

Slideshow Creator


Download link  Slideshow Creator



Download link  LiVES



Download link  Vivia



Download link  KDEnlive



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Reasons to use Linux

  • Linux helps you get rid of viruses, worms, and other computer infections.
  • Linux is fast and will stay fast
  • Linux is easier to use than Windows. Using the Terminal is not necessary in most cases.
  • Linux is free . Cost does NOT define the value of Free Software!

Thousands of Windows-only applications (even Photoshop CS3) and games work with Linux through WINE just as fast. You can also find good alternative open source software.

  • Linux looks better than Windows Vista or Mac OS X

You can make Linux look exactly like any OS in under 15 minutes.

  • Linux is fun
  • You can help improve Linux
  • Linux makes you give your computer a name

It’s possible on every OS, basically, but Linux demands you do it! Sheer coolness.

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Run Linux LiveCD in Windows

Want to try out a Linux distro but don’t feel like switching from Windows, rebooting your computer, or installing a virtualization application like VirtualBox? MobaLiveCD is a Windows utility that lets you run any LiveCD in Windows without installing a thing. Just download and run MobaLiveCD.exe (which is a 1.4MB file), and select the ISO you want to run.