Is it wise to change your DNS server?

There’s a lot of talk on the ‘Net suggesting users to change their local ISP’s DNS server to Google’s DNS server for example, to increase the speed of browsing.

Others seems to disagree. They argue that it is best to stick with your ISP’s DNS server since it’s nearer to the user as compared to Google’s DNS server for example.

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Resolve Unidentified Networks in Windows 7

If you are having a problem accessing the Net due to Unidentified Networks, you can try to configure the network location types and user permission.

What you need to do is as follows…

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Home Network Security

An excellent and elaborate article from CERT.

According to, “This document gives home users an overview of the security risks and countermeasures associated with Internet connectivity, especially in the context of “always-on” or broadband access services (such as cable modems and DSL). However, much of the content is also relevant to traditional dial-up users (users who connect to the Internet using a modem)“.

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Quickly Switch Network Settings With a Script File

Are you tired of using the normal way ( see below ) to change the IP, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS Server of your network connection? Techdo’s admin has just the script for you.

That procedure is unpleasant if repeated every day. To get this done easily You can use the batch files contained in this Zip archive.

If you get a warning from your anti virus software,just ignore it. Please use it at your own risk.