DNS Angel

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Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser is a free portable virus scanner that claims to scan and eliminates deeply embedded malwares, bugs which traditional anti virus couldn’t detect.

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Old USB drives as laptop alarm!

If you still have an old USB drive which you kept unused since the capacity is too small for today’s usage, then there’s something useful to use it for….

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CIA analyzing 5 millions tweets a day….

According to a report by AP reporter, Kimberley Dozier, a team of geeks in the CIA jokingly referring to themselves as ‘ninja librarians” are mining millions of tweets in Arabic to Mandarin.

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Prevent Writing to USB drive

A simply edit of the registry will disable writing to USB drives!

So if you have files that are for your eyes only and do not wish for others to copy it, you can try the following method.

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Chrome a trojan???

It was reported by Wired on 30th Sept that Microsoft Security Essential mistakenly identified Goolge Chrome as part of the Zeus malware family also known as PWS:Win32:Zbot.

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System Protect

I have been this freeware for some time now and it’s doing a marvelous job of protecting my system files from accidental deletion or being changed by viruses.

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