DNS Angel

Internet is great but dangerous, very dangerous. It’s a hotbed for many bad things, such as identification theft, phishing scam, malicious threads, viruses, bullying, pornography, and etc. etc.. Continue reading


Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser is a free portable virus scanner that claims to scan and eliminates deeply embedded malwares, bugs which traditional anti virus couldn’t detect.

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Duqu malware

Duqu malware which seems to be an iteration of the Stuxnet virus that struck the computers at the Iranian nuclear power station recently is affecting computers in the UK, France, Iran, Sudan, Vietnam and more due to an exploit in Microsoft Word!

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Chrome a trojan???

It was reported by Wired on 30th Sept that Microsoft Security Essential mistakenly identified Goolge Chrome as part of the Zeus malware family also known as PWS:Win32:Zbot.

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System Protect

I have been this freeware for some time now and it’s doing a marvelous job of protecting my system files from accidental deletion or being changed by viruses.

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Removing MAC Defender…

To remove it, here’s what you need to do…. Continue reading

Sandboxie BufferZone Pro now free!

Sandboxing apps BufferZone Pro previously was commercial ware but now you can get it for free!

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