Try OpenOffice


Most users are reluctant to try something new due to different reasons. It could either be ease of use or the fact that less people are using the same application as compared with another commercial application.

Then there’s the notion that something which is given FREE is not as good as it”s commercial counterpart!

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DNS Angel

Internet is great but dangerous, very dangerous. It’s a hotbed for many bad things, such as identification theft, phishing scam, malicious threads, viruses, bullying, pornography, and etc. etc.. Continue reading

Free RAM Optimizer

When it comes to improving computer overall performance, RAM is always one of the most efficient ways you should consider to improve, i.e. throw in a few more GB of RAM. And often time, the result is obvious and immediate. However, it’s not feasible that you can always increase the number of GB that easily, such as what about you don’t have empty slot left on the motherboard….

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Install different versions of Windows 7 using single USB drive

If like myself, you have customers using different versions of Windows 7, do you need to bring along all Windows 7 DVDs of all the different versions?

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Your Windows 7 too sluggish?

As many users know, Windows uses RAM to store every program, services or libraries ran.

If you have not more than 2GB of RAM, you may notice that your computer tends to be so slow most of the time.

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Duqu malware

Duqu malware which seems to be an iteration of the Stuxnet virus that struck the computers at the Iranian nuclear power station recently is affecting computers in the UK, France, Iran, Sudan, Vietnam and more due to an exploit in Microsoft Word!

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Prevent Writing to USB drive

A simply edit of the registry will disable writing to USB drives!

So if you have files that are for your eyes only and do not wish for others to copy it, you can try the following method.

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