Folks, please feel free to post your questions here so that I can try to help provide the solutions to your computer related problems. Other readers are welcome to provide answers as well….  😀


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  1. My HP mini has a blank blue screen, hard drive and memory are ok, possible virus ?

    • @Ken: As suggested by a few people, please try to do this first.
      Unplug the power,
      Remove the battery and then hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds.
      Then reattach the power and attempt a boot.
      Just shutdown, put the battery back in and reboot

  2. my desktop picture setting doesnt work on my computer, i did all the necessary steps and it still doesnt work, can anybody help me

  3. I can turn it on and turn it off but cannot figure how or what keys I had to push to install Content Advisor. I REALLY would like to get rid of it since SO TIRED of having with each page change to include the password. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Jim

  4. Hi!

    You have one of my infographics on your right sidebar, could you email me, I want to discuss something with you about that. Thanks!


  5. Sy ade prblem..hrp dpt bri pndpt n jln pnylesaian bg prblem ni..Tq
    Netbook hp mini free package streamyx
    Prob: Stiap kali nk gne intrnet spt google,fb,u tube,ia akn kluar 1 ikon sgitiga tnde ! wne kning then psnn “Your comp. is low on memory,save your files & close these program”..klau x gne intrnet juz nk bk ms word,game n lain2 pn akn kluar psnn y sme jgk..
    Sol: Bwk kdai frmat tp ttp sme gak..then bwk kdai lain plak,kata kne frmat atau tkr RAM..
    RAM skrg bpe Rm?
    Please help me.. 😦

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