Prevent Writing to USB drive

A simply edit of the registry will disable writing to USB drives!

So if you have files that are for your eyes only and do not wish for others to copy it, you can try the following method.

Run regedit.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control

Create a new key, name it StorageDevicePolicies.

Click on the new key and create a new DWord value and name it WriteProtect.

Right click on WriteProtect and change the value data to 1.

Whenever you wish to enable it again, just change the value data to 0!

Remember though, once you have set it as such, even you yourself won’t be able to copy anything to the USB drive!

You can also download the following files, if you don’t want to edit the registry!

  1. Disable Write USB
  2. Enable Write USB.
Source: How To Geek.

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