Try OpenOffice


Most users are reluctant to try something new due to different reasons. It could either be ease of use or the fact that less people are using the same application as compared with another commercial application.

Then there’s the notion that something which is given FREE is not as good as it”s commercial counterpart!

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Get the latest LibreOffice now

LibreOffice 4.0


Get it here how!

iTunes alternative

If you have used iTunes before and find it occupying too much space on your PC, maybe you should have a look at Clementine.

Based on the popular Linux only music player Amarok, the developers have made it multi platform.

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Alternative to Microsoft Visio

If you do a lot of charts, diagrams and so forth, you should be familiar with Visio.

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FREE Video Editor’s for Ubuntu


Download link  Avidemux



Download link  CineLerra


Download link  Kine


Download link  Jahshaka

Slideshow Creator

Download link  Slideshow Creator


Download link  LiVES


Download link  Vivia


Download link  KDEnlive


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Run Linux LiveCD in Windows

Want to try out a Linux distro but don’t feel like switching from Windows, rebooting your computer, or installing a virtualization application like VirtualBox? MobaLiveCD is a Windows utility that lets you run any LiveCD in Windows without installing a thing. Just download and run MobaLiveCD.exe (which is a 1.4MB file), and select the ISO you want to run.


Launch your apps

Adam Pash of LifeHacker said: “thanks to a handful of fast and powerful application launchers, our days of digging through the Windows Start menu or hunting for a needle among an enormous haystack of applications are over.”

Read all about application launchers by Pash on LifeHacker

You can download Launchy 2.0 and earlier versions from SourceForge